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Welcome to Bridget's Wurld! Being a head can be an interesting experience, as you can imagine. No arms, legs, or naughty bits. But Bridget doesn't let this stop her from having fun at the expense of others, oh no. This will need some explanation, so if you want to know just who she is and what makes her want to be your friend, check these out:

Who is Bridget the Head?
Read this first!
Where did she come from? And why is she so much fun?

Contact the Head Head

Bridget's Mailbox
Wanna send e-mail to Bridget? There's only one condition: before you say anything, you must first proclaim the awesome beauty of her hair. She's a model type, you know...very hair-conscious. Obsessed, actually. Send your greetings here, then watch for a reply in Bridget's Mailbox!

Read the Guestbook!
Many lost souls have made pilgrimages to Bridget's humble site. Come read their comments...

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Leave us a nugget of wisdom, even if you do have a body.

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A head's gotta travel...

Headin' around...

Bridget's Wurld has recently been spotted on the Lunatic Lounge and on Go2.Net's Useless Pages. Where will that nutty head turn up next? How about the fabulous I Should Be Working site! Oh yes, YOU should be working right now...not staring at a bunch of hair-obsessed heads, what kind of sick weirdo are you??

Heads in Action

Bridget's photo album
Come see her in action (with her trademark blank stare) as her "owners" travel around Arizona, flashing her to everyone in sight. Maybe you've seen her...

Bridget Hits the Road
True stories of what Bridget does when we take her out for a spin. Oh yeah...Tawny gets her share of the action, too.

Further Adventures of the Heads
More stories of Bridget and Tawny's stupid antics. Is there anything those heads won't do??

New Year's Eve 1996: The Headcam
The new heads had quite a night on New Year's Eve with their QuickCam. Did you see them??

New Year's Eve 1997: The Headcam Returns
Armed with new software and a few new heads, things got weirder than ever this time around!

Other Stuff

The family has expanded!
That's right... Bridget and Tawny now have company, and the sparks are already flying.

New photos leaked to the public

Smack-Child's Box
Do you dare lift the lid?


slack off at

And believe me, it takes a lot to amuse the bodiless.


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