The family has expanded!

In December of '96, three new heads decided to join Bridget and Tawny on their quest to freak people out. And here they are, ready to meet you...

Sister Constantine

This is the most innocent-looking of the bunch. She's got a look of utter curiosity on her face, and you can't help but wonder what's on her mind...then again, maybe you don't wanna know. Since she seems to be on the brink of rapture, we have a feeling she may be a former nun, but it's hard to tell.

She does claim to be Bridget's long-lost cousin, though. But she may be just scheming to cut in on Bridget's action!


We could call this one Mary, because someone wrote "Mary" on her neck with a pen and then scribbled it out. Who is this strange head? Will she ever discover her true identity?

The rumor being whispered around the house lately is that this head is Bridget's little sister, separated at birth and shipped to a remote hair salon in Ibiza. The mystery is killing me!!


This one is definitely the "bad girl" of the three. With her black lipstick and mischievous expression, wild things are bound to happen when she comes rolling into town. A true "riot hed" if we ever saw one!

Tawny claims this is her rebel aunt, the one who escaped the factory and lived her life on the road, free of shampoos and students with scissors. Hitchhiking coast to coast, she made her living through various "adult" activities. Then again, maybe Tawny's just full of it.