Further Adventures of the Heads

Airborne Express
One night we wondered what it would be like to toss the heads as high into the air as possible. So we went out on the lawn between apartment buildings and did a little experiment! We managed to launch each head higher than the three-story buildings, and after painfully catching them a couple of times, we eventually let them just slam down on the grass and bounce to a stop. It was hilarious watching the heads sail high into the air, spinning end over end and slamming onto the grass with a loud THOK! sound. This was in full view of anybody who happened to step outside or walk by, too. Bridget was quite shaken after these flights, but Tawny was beggin' for more.

Then I had an idea...I ran up to the third floor and told Troy to catch Bridget. I flung her over the edge, and he caught her just before she hit the bushes. Then he told me to catch her...he launched her into the air, and I missed! She landed on the floor a few feet from me and banged against someone's door. I ran over to grab her, but the door opened and a guy peeked out. "Got a new friend?" he said as I grabbed her. "Yeah," I said, and tossed her back over the rail. Whoops.

In this same apartment complex, we were walking along the front of the building when Troy noticed that someone's window had its blinds down, but there was a few inches of open space at the bottom where one could see in. So he stuck Bridget's face in there as we walked by. A few seconds later, the door opened and someone looked out! We walked faster...

Head on the run
When in Winslow one night, we headed over to the ballpark and got a great snapshot of Bridget on home plate, ready to hit a home run. (This isn't in the photo album, but someday it will be.) Also, I stuck her on the fence and Troy went into centerfield to get a shot of her with the scoreboard behind her. It was really dark, and I was expecting to see gang-bangers or vandals (the same people usually), but we didn't see or hear a thing...until I heard the crackle of static, the kind you hear on police radios. I looked back and saw a light flashing around behind us in the other ballpark, not too far away. So we ran like hell! We scrambled over the fence, jumped into the car, and zoomed off without lights. Just in case.

Hair today, gone tomorrow
Bridget's got kind of a mean streak, as you probably know. One time she spied a girl in the car beside us who had her hair done up in a kind of wispy geyser thing. So Troy took Bridget's hair and held it up in the same geyser style and stuck her in the window. The girl looked over, pointed, and went into hysterics! We couldn't tell if she was laughing or just plain going nuts. I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?

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