What the Hell?

That's right! I, Bridget the Head, have my own award just like every other page on the planet. And it can be yours if I think your page is worthy... If your page makes me shake my head (er...myself) in disbelief, if it makes me doubt your sanity, if it makes me question my very existence as a beat-up mannequin head with a glamorous past as a supermodel...then this award is for you. So make it good!!

These women scare me. Firebreathing hellbitches from Down Under... They do play some damn good music, but they set my hair on fire at a concert once and tossed me into the crowd. Friggin' slags. I've stayed clear of them ever since, but you really oughta give them a listen, maybe even buy some of their stuff. Just watch your hair...

Misti's House of Humor
A homepage with nutty links, answering machine messages, and who knows what else...

Lunatic Lounge
This place has sights and sounds that will enthrall you. Can you say "polka chicken"?

The Infamous Exploding Whale
What do you do when a beached whale is too big to move? You blow it up, of course! A true story that will have you putting up your umbrella.

The Official Cowtipping Homepage
Ah, cowtipping...a rural activity that most of us don't get to take part in. Now's your chance!

Justin Sane's Museum of the Weird
Links to every kind of strangeness you desire.

Angie's Place
Beneath the sugary-sweet surface of this page is something sinister...something you can't quite put your finger on, but it's there, lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce on you when you reach for that teddy bear. Go on, reach for it...

Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head
He's hip, he's hot, and he's a tuber with interchangeable facial features!

Gallery of the Absurd
Featuring products that will insult your intelligence in each and every way...a must-see!!

And if you wanna suggest a site which should be given this award, e-mail the URL to me! (And don't forget to pay homage to my glorious hair while you're at it...what's left of it anyway.)

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