New Year's Eve 1996: The HeadCam

The three newest additions to Bridget's family of body-less buddies decided to hop on the Internet and invade some CuSeeme reflectors with their presence. Here are a few scenes from their online antics.



Reactions to the HeadCam

Reactions varied from "Wow, look at those spooky heads!" to "How old are you two?" to "Get outta my face, bitch!" The girls hopped from site to site, appearing on people's monitors and peering intently into the camera. Sometimes they talked back to people, but usually they carried on with their silent antics. Overall, their online excursion was a success!




This lady was the only other person on the reflector the first time the heads made their appearance. She had a smile on her face at first, and it gradually degenerated into this look. She looks like she doesn't know what to think of what she's seeing.   This guy is wearing a similar expression of confusion. He was probably wondering, "You gotta be kidding. What kind of weirdo is this?" Good question.