Bridget hits the road

This is by far the most fun you can have with Bridget. Imagine you're driving along, minding your own business, and something causes you to look over at the car next to you. You see two guys in the car, and a blonde head peeking up over the rim of the door. She spots you, then ducks back down in a hurry. A few moments pass, and just before you look away, she suddenly leaps up and BANGS her forehead on the window at you! She goes wild, wriggling and jerking around, flinging her hair back and forth, banging herself on the door, slamming the dashboard, and mashing her face against the window. The two guys seem to ignore it, talking to each other like nothing's happening. What the HELL is going on here? You've just been Bridgeted, my friend!

We've Bridgeted literally hundreds of people around town, and it almost never fails to get a great reaction. Usually it's instant laughter, but sometimes people just look confused or angry. (In that case, we hold Bridget still and make her stare the person down.) Crowded mall parking lots are excellent for this, because there are plenty of people just walking around waiting to get head-flashed. But flashing isn't all Bridget has done in her wacky career...

Other adventures on wheels

Bag Lady
While in Glendale at a stop light recently, Bridget noticed an old woman walking along, struggling to carry several big grocery bags. She couldn't resist...Bridget stuck herself right out the window and yelled, "Are those heavy?"

Bridget's brush with nature
One night while we were speeding down a dark road, Troy pulled close to the edge of the road where some tree branches were hanging low. I held Bridget out the window and just let her plow through those branches, breaking off several twigs and leaving her a bit dazed.

Tawny hits the gutter
To give Tawny an equal dose of abuse, Troy opened the car door at 40 mph and dragged her through a deep puddle. She was NOT pleased! Her bubbly screams were getting pretty loud, so he pulled her back in and tossed her into the back seat. She's been afraid of water ever since... (And the smell of wet asphalt took forever to go away.)

How constructive.
You've seen those orange-and-white construction signs with the blinking yellow lights, haven't you? Well, so has Tawny...up close. One night, Troy drove close to the curb and I leaned out the window, banging Tawny face-first into one of the blinking lights at about 20mph. She cursed and growled a lot, but somehow I think she also enjoyed it. There are things about Tawny we just don't know...

Wild imaginations
Sometimes we would get stuck at a stop light next to a car with little kids in it. That's when Bridget's talent for freaking people out really shines! Here's how it works: she looks at the kids and bangs the window, which of course makes the kids laugh and stare. Then they yell at their mother to get her to look, and of course when the mother looks over, Bridget is nowhere to be seen. As soon as the mother looks away, Bridget pops back up and goes wild in the window! This can go on for several minutes, depending on how bad traffic is. The kids are obviously going nuts over something, but poor ol' Mom can't seem to see what the hell it is.

Blonde Belt
One night we were speeding down the street and happened to be next to a car driven by an Asian fellow. Bridget couldn't help herself...before I could stop her, she flung herself right out the window and yelled "Hiiii-YAHH!" in true Miss Piggy style. The man's car slowed down suddenly, and we had to teach Bridget that what she did was NOT politically correct.

She wants to let the world know...
Sometimes Bridget or Tawny just feel like letting the world know that they're proud to be heads. They usually do this by flinging themselves high into the air out the window and screaming at the tops of their lungs during wide left-turns. In a crowded traffic situation, this can expose dozens of people to the heads' unique charm (if "charm" is the right word for it).

"Please step out of the car, head..."
One day I got pulled over for first ticket ever. As the cop was writing my ticket, I looked down and noticed that Bridget was sitting on the floor by Troy's feet, covered only by a small towel (quick thinking on Troy's part). I was afraid she would scream to the cop to be rescued, but she was a good head and stayed quiet. I don't think I could have explained that one to the judge...

Troy's guilt
One day when we were driving through an apartment complex parking lot, there was a little kid walking along, minding his own business. So as we drove by, Troy stuck Bridget out the window at him. No screaming or shaking...just her calm, blank stare. The kid looked at her for a second, then looked down as if he had been insulted and abused in the deepest, most terrible emotional way. Troy instantly felt a horrible guilt that lasted for the rest of the day. But the next day he had fully recovered, of course.

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