Head Sightings!

Captive Head Sighted in Berkeley

This is an outrage! It's head slavery at its ugliest. On my recent trip to San Francisco, I insisted on visiting Berkeley to get some emergency hair transplants. (Needless to say, they didn't take.) As I was rolling through the streets, I spotted a destitue head on a stick...her hair was done up in (gasp!) dreadlocks. She's forced to sit on this corner night and day while her owner hawks products. It's terrible!!! If you live in the area and see this head, ask her owner to set her free. FREE THE HEADS!!!!


Internet Naughtiness

One of the newer heads was recently seen on Cu-Seeme terrorizing people. I took it upon myself to put the camera under tight lock and key! She has no business sticking her face out there for the whole world to see... that's my job, dammit!!


Heads in the Media

Well, we heads are finally making our way into the movie and T.V. biz! You may recall seeing ads for a movie called "Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag", starring Joe Pesci and David Spade. Of course, they got the idea for this movie right from us...after all, for three years we were carried around in a blue duffel bag by our two stupid owners. They used the bag to sneak us out into the public without causing too much alarm. I am expecting a big fat compensation check in the mail any day now! 

Scenes from my first T.V. appearance!!

Last year I appeared on "King of the Hill" as young Bobby's new love interest. Unfortunately, I was sawed in half at the end of the show, but I did get in some great love scenes... Watch out Hollywood, I'm a-comin'!!

Bobby kisses me...

...and is caught by his mom! Shocking!!! (He's a crappy kisser, too...)

They're using my image without my permission, dammit! I want royalties NOW!

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