News Flash:
Smack-Child threatens
Bridget via e-mail


Date: 27 Jan 1997 03:44:57 -0000
Subject: attn: Bridget & Tawny


Dear Bridget & Tawny-

OK- you bitches I've got your number. I've opened a secret email account under ZiggySane's name so that he gets all the blame for this.

I am on my way to get you body impaired slags. Today I went to the Park and assaulted somebody just so that you bitches know how evil I am. I will send you photos of me shaking the bastard down for his wallet and some of my poultry hunting methods which nearly resulted in me trapping a young child...

I have had several glamour shots taken by the stupid humans who I have trained and you simply will not believe how glamorous I am. I posed for some very beautiful shots on the foundation stone of the Australian nation- my ambition to rule the world is not an immodest one.

You should know that I have been to the Betty Ford Relaxation Centre and that I am now cured of my heroin and amphetamine habits so I'll be taking you two on with a clear head!

Please email back to me at this address so that ZiggySane doesn't know what I am up to. He is very strict with me...

Looking foward to tearing you slags to bits and pulling all your hair out


Riot Drrrrrrrrrrllllll.

Bridget refused to comment. She just sat there and quivered, eyes wide open, gasping...


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