She has arrived.

Pumped full of drugs and jerking violently to deranged punk music that seems to follow her wherever she goes, Smack-Child is the doll your parents never wanted you to play with. But she will play with you... She didn't travel for six weeks in a musty old box all the way from Australia for nothing!



If Bridget had an evil twin, it would probably be Smack-Child. Here is her story, as told to us by one of her owners:

The Story of Smack-Child
By ZiggySane

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a fairly loose tribe of bad kids liberated a depressed doll from an opportunity shop. Being punks, they rather enjoyed robbing Catholics.

Once freed from the tyranny of charity, Smack-Child quickly restyled herself as a hard drinking, hard drugging punkette. She was our tribal mascot and came everywhere with us. Often a night out would actually be determined by who was minding Smack-Child and where they were taking her that night. Smack-Child spent many a night at Sydney Nightclubs of dubious reputation. She's even been to a Gay Sauna, but I'll spare you that one. Smack child was found to suffer from Tourettes Syndrome, possibly associated with her amphetamine abuse, and started to delight at screaming obscene insults at anyone who offended her impeccable sense of taste. Let's just say that she was the Courtney Love of her time. She did tend to do things like offer people heroin in exchange for sex!

Amongst some of Smack-Child's fave adventures were her trip to New York (Someone else has photos of her on the Statue!) and a later trip through Europe. She has seen the Damned in concert twice and hurled herself at Dave Vanian on one occasion--we were very lucky to rescue her. Other classic Smack-Child Nights include the one she made herself into a Hat and sat on my head so that she didn't miss anything at a Cramps gig.

Eventually as we all grew up the lifestyle faded and Smack-Child now lives a fairly quiet life in her box. Peter & I were quite ruthless in ensuring we got final custody!


Sunday in the Park with Smack-Child

She's been turned loose on an unsuspecting public! Mischief with birds, lurking in the woods, and a taste of world domination...all caught on film. Shocking.

Smack-Child threatens Bridget via e-mail!

Before she set sail for American shores, she managed to rattle off a nasty little note to Bridget and Tawny out of pure spite. The little wench has no pity.

Got something to say to Smackie? Then send her some e-mail, but don't complain to us if she ends up losing her temper and insulting you for no reason. It's just her sweet nature. E-mail Smack-Child at And remember, do NOT give out any personal information such as phone numbers or addresses. The last thing you want is to be stalked by a bad-tempered doll with violent tendencies.

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