Who is Bridget the Head?

By Mr. Barry

One day, a couple of guys named Barry and Troy were helping some chick named Mindy out of her apartment. This Mindy happened to be a hairdresser, so naturally she had a lot of heads lying around her place.

Well, Mindy asked Barry to get some stuff out of her closet. So when he opened the door, there they were! Two heads, looking up from the darkness, hoping that someone would come rescue them from their closety hell. And so one of them was rescued...er, borrowed from Mindy. For what reason, there's no telling!

The head had a name written on the neck: Bridget. So on the way home, she waved herself out the window at people. The guys were in total hysterics--Troy almost wrecked his car, and Barry almost dropped her out the window a couple of times. But Bridget was free, and nothing could stop her.

Well, Bridget was never returned to Mindy...she was too much fun. Peoples' reactions from being Bridget-flashed varied from shocked to laughing to screaming in terror. She was flashed at everyone--little kids, snotty teens, wrinkled old geezers carrying groceries. She's endless fun, with her blank stare and wild blonde hair. (Well, what's left of it. Two years of abuse has pretty much done Bridget's hair in, but during "the early years" it was something to behold.)

Pretty soon, though, she was more than just a head...she began to take on a personality! She has a certain dramatic ready-to-model look on her face, so the personality that emerged was that of an ever-chic egotistical model who is passionate about, of all things, her hair (as most models are). This is always apparent when flashing her to other people/cars...she swishes her hair around, and when the mood strikes, she'll bang her forehead on the car door, which is still the most hilarious thing to see if you happen to be standing outside the car.

So that pretty much covers Bridget's origins. There are many other stories about Bridget and her antics (not to mention Tawny, the other head with a mega-bitchy attitude who was later rescued from Mindy's closet), but maybe things are weird enough for now. Just sit back and bask in the glow of Bridget's glamor...or perceived glamor.

Meet the Heads



Bridget and a friend on CuSeeme. She loves freaking people out on the Net...   This is Tawny, making a face for CuSeeme. She's the bitchy one. Can you tell?