From: Janet Streiner
To: <>
Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 8:54 AM
Subject: Haiku?

Can I humbly submit a guest haiku? The whole concept of colored computers really pisses me off. As if there were any relevance to what a computer LOOKS like. ...And then folks have to fight about it. Remember in grade school when little girls would pull each others hair for stealing another's "look"? Never mind grade school, just go to the mall. If you see two chicks fighting, they probably have the same shirt on. ("What's that bitch doing wearing a shirt that says "GAP" on it? MY shirt says "GAP" on it...) Now we are extending this to computers. You thought what girls wear is irrelevant, try what computers wear. While some may think it's a shame that nearly all PCs are a dull office gray, I think it's a shame that anyone would feel the need to make a computer more desirable by slapping a flavor on it. I, for one, do not set my computer out as a centerpiece. I use it to, um, compute. Those who see the results of my computing have never made any comments to the effect that I must have been using a gray computer.