The other day I got a "newsletter" from, and out of morbid curiosity decided to not delete it immediately, but instead see what was there. The following emails tell the rest of the story.

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Chance []
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 2:59 AM
Cc: <!this guy is the author of the article>
Subject: Who is your editor?

Hello grrls,

>He wants you to probe his prostrate, but he'd never ask in a million years.

This little gem is from your "Gay Guy Advice column" and I just want to
remind you people that it is not "prostrate" but P-R-O-S-T-A-T-E.

Is it not bad enough that you have to give misguided advice to legions of
promising young minds made feebler by the minute with your site's drivel,
but that you also have to set a poor spelling example?

Tools menu, Spelling and Grammar. Tools menu, Spelling and Grammar.
Hotkey F7. Repeat after me.

As far as the advice itself goes, I fully support free speech (including the
distribution of "advice" like this) on the internet and everywhere else.
Still, if I publish an article on my web site instructing young men how to
coerce impressionable young women into threesomes then I would fully expect
some smart-ass comments (or worse) in my inbox the next day.

I would love to ask you if it burns your conscience to publish material
which poisons and rots the minds of young women, especially when the profits
from such actions only go to line the pockets of the men who are infinitely
more directly responsible for the oppression of women than the immature
high-school and college guys you keep ragging on, but either you do not
realize the consequences of your actions or you have rationalized it to
yourselves as "just a job."

Why don't you people show some REAL estrogen power by publishing a website
which really does give much needed advice to young women instead of only
thinking about site hits, stickiness, and how many baby-shirts you can sell
in the online boutique.

By the way, please take me off of your ""

Regards,Michael Chance

And the reply:

Dear Michael,

thank you for your constructive criticism. I have forwarded your email to
our chickcrew, who will happily unsubscribe you from our newsletters.
You are correct in asserting that the word "prostrate" was used incorrectly
in our column. While the word should have been "prostate" I'd like to
remind you that "prostrate" is a properly spelled English word, and
therefore would not have been picked up by any spell-checking program.

Have a nice day,

EstroClick Editor

Then my final reply:

Hello Ms. Gross, <!you cannot see her full name in her mail, but it was
included in the original so this is not just an epithet I made up>

When I type the following sentence which appeared on your site (see below
for reference) "He wants you to probe his prostrate, but he would never ask
in a million years." into my version of Microsoft Word 97 and run the spell
check, it specifically suggests replacing the word "prostrate" with
"prostate." It does this because this function is not merely a spelling
check, but a spelling AND GRAMMAR check, as the name of the menu item
implies. It could be that your contributor (as well as yourself) has turned
off the grammar checking capability of this function, and this is why their
computer did not catch the error when they ran the spelling and grammar
checker (as you and I would assume they did). If this is the situation, it
can be fixed by going to (in Microsoft Word 97) Tools -> Options... ->
Spelling & Grammar tab. In the Grammar section of this tab (at the bottom)
you will see a check box for "Check grammar with spelling" and this box
should be checked if it is not checked already.

You might want to consider writing a small memo to your contributors and
other staff to rectify this situation if it exists.

Have a nice day,

Michael Chance

I have not yet heard back from her or the author of the article.


Michael Chance