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Boy suspended for 'too realistic' erection essay

A teenager has been suspended from school after writing an essay about getting an erection in class.

Mike Scherger had been told to write a story entitled 'How does your body betray you?'

He wrote about an embarrassed teenager "getting a boner" then being called to the front of the class.

He has been suspended from Cambridge High School in New Zealand and teachers say he must get counselling before returning.

Mike's mother Heather, a nurse, said: "What he wrote about was real life, it happens."

Mike's English teacher showed the story to principal Alison Annan who said it was "sexually offensive" and "totally inappropriate".

He has been told not to return to school for a week.

Mrs Annan has written a letter to the teenager's parents saying he can return to school after three days but only if he spends the last two having counselling.

Mrs Annan told the Waikato Times: "There are some things you learn at a very young age you just don't write about. He was told twice by the teacher the story was inappropriate but he handed it in anyway."