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Clothes factory owner quits after 'Jesus appears on jeans'

A Chilean clothes factory owner is becoming a full-time preacher after finding Jesus Christ's face on a pair of jeans.

Juan Carlos Arellano says the image in the dyed fabric spoke to him - advising him to preach the gospel of true love.

He says he noticed the image when one of the workers at his Santiago factory said the jeans were stained.

He says he now plans to leave his family and the factory to spread the word full-time.

It's thought his business partners will run the factory in his absence. A picture of the jeans appears on the front page of La Cuarta.

Mr Arellano told La Cuarta newspaper: "Christ's face hasn't faded since then, although we have passed the jeans about."

The 47-year-old has denied the image is a fraud.

"It would be very difficult for anyone to paint it on, as it's exactly the same colour as the rest of the jeans, only slightly darker," he said.

He says the image "told me to leave here, leave my five children and all my friends".