New York Post - 8/20/04

August 20, 2004 -- The road-hogging, gas-guzzling Hummer a bane to environmentalists everywhere is about to assault your olfactory nerves.

The creators of the SUV are lending their name to an "eau de toilette" that melds the smell of thyme, fir, cardamom and sandalwood to create the Hummer Fragrance for Men.

At $52 a pop, the cologne is being marketed in a boxy, truck-like bottle by Riviera Concepts Inc., which is targeting 25- to 45-year-olds with a penchant for the ultra-masculine.

"It's got credibility with men," said Riviera boss Adrian Ellis, who inked the deal with the car-maker.

"What other brand for men would make more sense?"

The less-than-fuel-efficient vehicle decided to go into the perfume business after successful ventures by other car-makers, including Jaguar, Corvette and Ferrari.

Industry sources said the Hummer scent could drive $36 million in sales over the next two years. Aftershave, body wash and deodorants will follow as soon as the new fragrance gets off the ground.

A small sampling of New Yorkers told The Post yesterday they were ready to spring for the scent.

"I'm in," said Lashein Seabrook, 24, of Brooklyn. "I spend $50 to $100 on Kenneth Cole Black, but this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^looks pretty good. I'll try it."