Some people need to lighten up!

From: [Name deleted to protect the pissed]
Date: Wednesday, June 21, 2000 2:54 PM
Subject: you're f**king pathetic

Although I found your site amusing, let me ask how many kids you have or what your last AMC Gremlin cost you. If you are fed up with something, please let it be something you have a twinge of knowledge on. You put up with someone else's kids for two hours at a movie and bitch for two months on your little website. Try putting up with them for twenty years! Thanx for the effort to read this.

p.s. baby on board sings may as well be targets now, we're all sick of them genius!

My reply:

Hi, thanks for the note. I didn't think anyone would take my Pro or Con thing so seriously,'s meant as HUMOR, not a worldwide campaign against babies. You may want to see a doctor and get that sense of humor checked. :) And besides, can you deny that any of those Pros or Cons are true?

And are you saying that I have to have children before I can comment on them?? Nice try, but I've been around enough kids to know exactly what they're like! Plus, I can guarantee that I'll never have kids... Sorry if that troubles you. :)